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Privacy Note For Users of JISE Journal Management System
Privacy Note
For Users of IJCLCLP Journal Management System

Name of Organization:
     Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica

Personal Information Collected:
     We will collect your name, phone number at work, affiliation, and e-mail address when you register for an account in the system.

How we use your personal information:
     We will use your e-mail address to notify you of the review process of submission, as well as the status of the submission. We will use your information during the whole procedure of review and add your information to our reviewers’ pool. The one who handle your submission will access your information including associate editor, reviewers.
     We will only use your information for the above-mentioned purposes and will not disclose your personal information to any third party.

Your rights are protected:
     You can exercise the following rights when needed --
  1. request to look up or review your personal data,
  2. request for a copy of your personal information,
  3. request that we amend or revise your personal data,
  4. request us to stop collecting, processing or using your personal data,
  5. request us to delete your personal data from the system.
* If you want to complain or to exercise your rights, you can email to .

If you should decide not to provide personal info.:
     The IJCLCLP journal management system will not work properly if you refuse to provide us the required information, and this may deter our effort to provide you good quality services.

I fully acknowledge and agree these statements.

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